Vasilis Andrikopoulos is the F&B Manager of Abaton Island Resort & Spa. He is supervising the operation of the hotel’s restaurants and bars including the famous Buddha Bar Beach Crete. Vasilis is a genuine wine lover, he holds a sommelier accreditation and spends a lot of his free time exploring small wineries around Greece. As he is staying home with his family, we asked him to suggest us two wine-based cocktails.

He came back to us with two easy to make cocktails that do not need special bar-tending skills or equipment. Yes, you need to have the fruits and make the juices yourself but his secondary goal was to have us buy or order ( home delivery is our favorite option during the Covid pandemic) fruits for our kitchen. Regarding the wine, our suggestion is not to use expensive bottles, preferably something already opened, since the fruit juices will cover most of the inconsistencies existing.

Pink Mastic Punch

  • White wine 60ml
  • Mastic 30ml
  • Lime juice 20ml
  • Grapefruit juice 20ml

Frutti Vino

  • Semi-sweet red wine 80ml
  • Lime juice 30ml
  • Sugar syrup 20ml (you can make the syrup by adding a bit of water on 5 spoons of sugar while steering).
  • Apple juice 30ml
  • Pineapple juice 30ml
  • Add at your glass slices of green apple and a slice of orange.

Both cocktails should be prepared stirred not shaken (opposite the way Mr. James Bond would request his Martini). Since Mastic is a very Greek ingredient and you might not have it in your house bar you can always change it with an aromatic gin. Enjoy and share your experience at @abatonisland