Abaton Seascapes®

The Snorkeling Paths | Discover the magic beneath the sea at Abaton Island Resort & Spa

Discover Crete’s wonderful water world with our three beneath-the-sea tours designed to help you explore the seascapes surrounding Abaton Island Resort & Spa. With its Blue Flag beaches and pristine waters, Crete is an ideal destination for travellers who love to snorkel. Home to highly endangered monachus monachus seals, as well as protected loggerhead turtles that come to lay their eggs on the island’s soft sand beaches, the waters are crystal clear. Although monachus monachus seals are rarely seen here, the warm shallow, sheltered waters surrounding Abaton Island are rich with varied marine fauna. Some of the marine creatures you might meet up close as you snorkel, include the descendants of that gangly legged marine creature seen on the renowned Octopus vase from the Minoan site at Palaikastro, and plump scarlet starfish who tiptoe across the seafloor seeking shells, mussels and other favourite foods. Developed in partnership with an expert marine biologist, Abaton Island have created three, exclusive underwater tours that are guaranteed to help you get the best out of Crete’s magical underwater world.