Why this project?

In a world which has been turned upside down by the pandemic we think it’s time to re-examine our essential core values and recognise the hard work and effort of those who have done so much to help and inspire others - hence our Aristos Heroes project. We plan to offer a relaxing break and a space to recuperate here at Abaton Island resort & spa for those in our society who are helping to create a better future for us - and for our planet.

One of the first beneficiaries of the Aristos Heroes scheme Ryan Owens, track sprint cyclist with the GB cycling team and silver Olympic medallist, says: “When I’m actually going away (on holiday) I’m looking for somewhere that has some culture; somewhere that I can enjoy the food and somewhere that is just comfortable - where I can relax and recover from the training that I’m doing day to day. Abaton has all of that to a‘t’.”

Abaton’s Exciting Innovative New Aristos Project – giving back to those who have given us so much.

Why Aristos Heroes?

Ever wondered where the word aristocrat came from? It’s actually derived from ‘aristos’, the Greek word for ‘best’ or ‘noblest’.

Back in the '60s King of Pop Art Andy Warhol predicted that everyone would have their ‘15 minutes of fame’. Today we see reality TV stars and influencers becoming high paid celebrities whilst society’s real ‘stars’ - the scientists and doctors who work so hard to improve our daily lives and the actors and singers who’ve achieved their goals through ceaseless work - are all too often overlooked.

Here at Abaton Island we think it’s time to reward our ‘modern aristocrats’: it’s time to give back to the men and women whose hard work and dedication improves our living conditions - or simply makes our lives worthwhile.

“I really think that the Aristos project with Abaton is going to help young people who are determined and courageous working towards their goals to get there even better.” Olympic medalist Ryan Owen.

How will it work?

We invite our modern day Aristos Heroes to enjoy a complimentary stay in one of our luxury guest rooms with private pool at Abaton Island, our exclusive, family-owned beach-front property in the tranquil region of East Crete.

The aim is to allow them to relax and resource themselves in beautiful surroundings and give them the energy to continue with their inspiring work. As Ryan Owens says: “Aristos..is just an amazing concept to recognize and appreciate the hard work that some people do in some lines of work that potentially aren’t given the same appreciation as the really big public entities, such as footballers, influencers and that kind of thing.”

We also want to inspire our fellow hoteliers to follow our example and give back to those who have given so much to us. As Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: ‘Big results require big ambitions.’

Will you be our next Abaton Aristos Hero?

More about Abaton Island resort & spa

In Ancient Greece, the Abaton was a healing room in the temple of Asclepios. From our soothing white-on-white color scheme, to spa treatments using products by luxury British skincare brand, Elemis and our relaxing water features everything here is designed to help you unwind.
Food is the ultimate comforter so you can also expect plenty of tasty treats from our award-winning chefs, who only use seasonal foods and local products in our five gourmet restaurants.

“Here on Crete - a Greek island which is renowned for its filoxenia, or love of strangers - we have been deeply touched by the courage of the health workers who are up on the frontline defending our countries in this time of crisis.” Georgios Kaloutsakis owner of Abaton Island resort & spa.

More about Crete

Birthplace of The Minoans and home to one of the world’s healthiest diets, lush and lovely Crete is the perfect place to relax and resource yourself as you soak up the sun near one of our sparkling infinity pools with panoramic views of Crete’s magical seascapes.
Since our resort sits along a pristine stretch of coastline in the island's lesser known eastern half, you can also expect to get off-the-beaten-track here as you escape the crowds and experience an authentic slice of ‘real Crete’.

Abaton’s groundbreaking Aristos project - giving back to society’s real heroes.