Abaton. Your personal sanctuary.

What could be more liberating than discovering anew one’s place of origin?

A Cretan by descent I’ve always found great fascination in the laxity of my homeland’s cyan shores swept by the most remote wilderness of rocky outback and raw, unbridled mountain passes.
This land of great contrasts can literally cater to every taste and penchant, and it was only a few days ago when in good company I got to set off for an exciting weekend-long road trip on a VolvoXC60.

Our first stop was Chersonissos Crete and Abaton Island Resort & Spa, the brand new 5-star hotel and every bon-vivant’s must visit.


Even at the pre-breakfast hour, the harbor front of this buzzing outpost the haven that is Abaton Island Resort & Spa manages to maintain a relaxing vibe, balancing between effortless symmetry and fresh, modernist chic, ever so perfectly attuned to its natural surroundings. Base yourself at its minimalist luxurious premises only to immerse in lavish, effortless vacay.


Prime and sophisticated materials like marble, stone, and wood, have been invested to turn Abaton Island Resort & Spa into a timeless capsule decked with hand-carved wooden elements and headboards that adorn each room. Calm here is a modus Vivendi and a state of mind.


Cocooners will rejoice in Abaton’s kingsize bedsteads, organic linen, and freshly scented spaces, while world-class spa lovers and foodies will rediscover the art of pampering and culinary journeys are only a subtle extension of what this gem has to offer.


The Cretan heart of tastes is definitely unbridled, and yet Abaton Island Resort & Spa is a cut above, offering a line of high-end gastronomic experiences, from Ivy League authentic dishes to Cretan delights and fresh seafood catches where hand-picked local produce and tantalizing starters will leave your connoisseur palates intrigued and pick on your wine-tasting expertise with absolute finesse.


A truly incredible experience has me insist that Abaton is not simply one more luxury hotel.Comfortable, stylish and, exceptionally furbished, aside from the food and professional excellence, the natural loveliness of the location and the magnificent energy of both the island itself and the hotel’s owners, Abaton is in itself nothing sort of awe-inspiring and curative.

I would like to thank Abaton for making my stay a pleasure in every level, and I can’t wait to indulge in one more of its breathtaking sunsets, where the skies kiss the sea and the threshold of the outside world melts into eternity.


Total look by Christakis | Bespoke loafers by Kwnstantinos | Watch by Longines | Volvo XC60 by Volvo Greece | Johnnie Walker Blue Label | Bespoke Leather Handbag Spantis Leatherwear

Written: November 2, 2018 / Michail Androulidakis

Source: https://www.itsamansclass.com/abaton/