Gadjo Dilo are a unique music group created with the sole purpose of reanimating the manouche gypsy jazz musical tradition. Their source of inspiration is the great gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, characterized by all great jazz musicians – without exception- as a genius.
Django’s artistic and personal journey and the old jazz sounds of the 30’s and 40’s are listed by Gadjo Dilo as their basic influences. In their first two albums, “Manouche de grec” (2013) and “Manouche de grec vol.II” (2016), they try to explore their love for Django, as well as their love for the older Greek songs.

“We like to believe that with our music we contribute a little something to the beauty that surrounds us. This human need is larger than familiarity. Besides, this particular musical genre has largely influenced the 50s and 60s Greek music scene, thus becoming familiar to the Greek audiences”.