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Living up to its name in a truly word-class fashion, WOW Steak & Sushi specialises in succulent signature steaks and expertly crafted sushi. Bringing a little sizzle and spice to your exotic vacation, extraordinary taste is packed into each evening dish with every delicate bite a piece of perfection.

With a starter menu that makes it difficult to choose only one, WOW Steak & Sushi welcomes you to tantalise your taste buds with BBQ pork belly bao buns or keep the bites light by choosing the beef carpaccio sprinkled with Cretan olive oil and parmesan flakes.

Delve into a saucy dish of sautéed prawns and garlic infused black beans, or wrap your tentacles around the octopus carpaccio with smashed pepper corns and fragrant basil. An extensive wine list ensures that everyone can pair their meal with a bottle or glass of their choice, ranging from local Cretan and Greek wines to renowned international labels such as Chateau Margaux and Chateu Petrus.

With a first impression that is difficult to follow, the restaurant exceeds all expectations with an even more tempting selection of main courses that satisfy steak and sushi lovers alike. Ranging from simple meat cuts to the delectable Wagyu beef, it is all cooked in high quality Josper charcoal ovens to ensure the utmost flavour and juicy texture. Whether you choose the Black Angus short rib with shiitake mushroom glaze or embrace the restaurant’s Japanese flair by ordering the Wagyu strip loin, your taste buds will certainly thank you. A variety of sides make the perfect mouth-watering addition to any of the mains, like dripping cooked chips to complement the BBQ pork spare ribs or the day’s market greens to accompany the French cut lamb chops.

If sushi is more your calling, prepare to sample the freshest seafood and delight in the chefs’ creative ingredient combinations. The Tiger Maki is one of the star dishes on the menu, creating a stellar combination of salmon, lime, mint, avocado and yellow fish roe (“tobiko”). This is not to out-do the delicious Dragon Rolls, which mix crunchy tempura prawn (or “ebi furai”) with sesame seeds, avocado and asparagus. For the ultimate way to treat your palette, combine this with the salmon or tuna nigiri so that you can sample the full scope of the menu’s textures and flavours.

WOW Steak & Sushi also provides guests with a selection of vegetarian dishes, including the vegetable miso for starters and the sushi bar’s crispy vegetarian maki. The salads are also meat-free, featuring a far-from-ordinary gourmet salad of blue cheese, zingy pineapple and caramelised hazelnuts with a balsamic vinegar and honey dressing. Follow this with a platter of Greek cheeses served with a medley of four fruit and vegetable-based chutneys.

At what you may think is the end of an exquisite culinary journey, take it one step further towards the restaurant’s euphoric selection of desserts. For something creamy and decadent, treat yourself to the chocolate sphere with tonka-infused crémeux guanaja. Meanwhile, the exotic fruit savarin served with pineapple sorbet is refreshingly tangy. With an extensive and tantalising menu, you are sure to enjoy your evening experience at WOW Steak & Sushi.

Operating hours: 19:00 – 23:00
Dress code: Formal

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