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Combining local culture with Crete’s classic cuisine, all of the ingredients used in the preparation of Elemes’ dishes are sourced directly from local farmers to ensure a truly authentic taste. Priding itself in the use of fresh seasonal produce, the restaurant is distinct in its contemporary approach to the region’s traditional cooking.

Whether you’re an early riser or enjoy a slow start to the day, Elemes has extended breakfast hours and conveniently serves morning meals until noon. Local ingredients include the likes of Cretan sausages and “staka” (goat milk butter) served with eggs and sourdough bread, freshly baked on-site in the restaurant’s wood oven. Brunch options include “boureki” pastry from the Chania region, topped with a light creamy cheese and fennel, or the stuffed zucchini flowers laid on a bed of yoghurt mousse.

Evenings at Elemes are a spirited occasion, bringing to life every dream of a hearty Mediterranean meal. Make the most of your Grecian surroundings and tease your appetite with a starter of rolled aubergine served with smoked pork and a soft cheese specific to Rethymnon. With a variety of vegetable-based dishes in the Greek cuisine, the restaurant caters a number of options that will appeal to those on a meat-free diet.

Your starter could include the wild mushrooms sautéed in white wine and topped with smoked goats cheese, or perhaps the restaurant’s creative twist on traditional feta parcels (known as “tiropita”), which sees soft Cretan feta wrapped in village-style phyllo pastry served with grape must and crunchy hazelnuts. Either of these could be followed by the deliciously thick Cretan pasta served with dry Anthotyro cheese, or any of the stylish salads.

By way of traditional meat dishes, Elemes offers all the classics with innovative and unique touches of flavour. From roasted pork with a raki glaze to fried cod served on a garlic-beetroot mousse, every meal is prepared with the utmost attention to detail. Drawing inspiration from different regions around the country that are renowned for signature ingredients, the menu also introduces spices sourced from Northern Greece; flavours of fragrant mastic, a gum found exclusively on the island of Chios; as well as a variety of soft cheeses produced throughout Crete.

End your evening of avant-garde island dining with a dessert menu that is equally delectable and skillfully crafted. Enjoyed with a nighttime espresso or a sweet Greek coffee, the Elemes dessert selection includes an exciting twist on traditional galaktoboureko, which comprises smashed phyllo pastry filled with semolina custard and syrup, served with sweet bergamot. Or try the classic baklava dish, which sees layers of golden phyllo pastry filled with finely chopped walnuts and soaked in local honey, served with homemade vanilla ice cream and cinnamon.

With a varied and exciting menu, Elemes accommodates both a relaxed morning breakfast and an evening meal with a touch of elegance. The restaurant serves a refreshing take on Cretan cuisine while maintaining the warmth and generosity that Mediterranean kitchens are renowned for.

Operating hours: 08:00 – 12:00 & 19:00 – 23:00
Dress code: Casual Elegant (Breakfast) – Formal (Dinner)

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