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Set against a breathtaking view of the gulf, C'est La Vie offers guests a diverse range of meal choices and cuisines with the added bonus of a glorious Cretan backdrop. Open from mid-morning until late, this beach club can satisfy your cravings no matter the hour. If you’re looking for a tasty way to start the day or searching for a midnight must-have, you’re sure to find something delectable here. With a luxuriously laid-back atmosphere, the only requirement for dining at this stylish restaurant is enough time to savour the beautiful seaside surroundings.

C’est La Vie accommodates slow mornings by offering a variety of brunchtime snacks. Whether you feel like a cooked breakfast banquet and opt for the bruschetta platter with scrambled eggs and salmon or something light and healthy like the creamy Greek yoghurt served with fresh fruit and honey, the restaurant caters to many different tastes.

When the clock strikes noon and the Mediterranean sun is at its strongest, take a break from the day’s activities and partner a cool, refreshing drink with a cheese or cold cuts platter. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a sumptuous lunchtime main, you might have to take your time choosing between the saucy club sandwich, the chicken and cream cheese tortilla or the juicy cheeseburger served with crispy french fries.

This menu takes into consideration a variety of dietary requirements and preferences, with vegetarian snacks including spicy falafels served with yoghurt, zucchini fritters and Arabic style pita bread; a choice of vegetarian bruschetta platters; as well as a mouthwatering Mexican-inspired feta cheese and vegetable tortilla.

Enjoy the sunset’s dusky hues from the warmth of the restaurant’s cosy atmosphere, where you can reminisce with friends or loved ones over a glass of your favourite wine. Paired with a steamy hot Polo Spaghetti or the mouthwatering Pizza Prosciutto, you will have all of the ingredients necessary for an unforgettable dining experience. Inspired by international cuisines, satiating meat-free mains are also available and include vegetarian maki rolls, a classic margherita pizza, Spaghetti Pomodori and a fragrant Risotto Saffron.

As if each savoury item on the menu is not tempting enough, C’est La Vie has pulled out all the stops with their seductive dessert menu. Remind yourself that you’re on the holiday-of-a-lifetime and that an after-dinner treat is simply mandatory. Make your tastebuds blush by ordering an irresistible strawberry panacotta to accompany your nighttime espresso, or treat your senses to a sinfully sweet semifreddo with caramelised hazelnuts and caramel sauce.

If you’re not in the mood for chocolate, try something different and opt for the scrumptious pancakes topped with honey, apricot marmalade and drizzled with praline. No matter your cuisine of preference or modish meal of choice, Cést La Vie offers a dining experience fit for your idyllic island getaway. With an astonishing view of the Cretan Sea and operating hours that see through the entire day right up until the early hours of the morning, we are always happy to provide you with a sublime snack or relaxing drink.

Operating hours: 10:00 – 01:00
Dress code: Casual Elegant

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