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Specialising in classic seafood cuisine, Bony Fish serves world-class dishes using only the highest quality ingredients delivered fresh to the restaurant each day. Adding another dimension to your authentic Cretan experience, Bony Fish invites you to taste delicacies harvested from the Aegean Sea and savour plates expertly prepared by a team of talented chefs who understand the region’s ancient marine cuisine.

For centuries, the sea has provided Greece with the fundamentals of its traditional cooking. By paying homage to these natural ingredients, Bony Fish takes your island experience to a whole new depth. Refined island cuisine pairs with a cool, contemporary atmosphere, and it is here you can find a tasty lunch or dinner inspired by local waters. The menu is skillfully curated with natural ingredients to present a mouthwatering collection of contemporary dishes.

To begin your extraordinary culinary voyage, you could choose sundried grilled octopus on caramelised fava beans or the swordfish carpaccio served with rocket and guacamole – either of which pair perfectly with a glass of local white wine. Vegetarian starters include Santorini-style tomato fritters.

When it comes to deciding on a main meal, all you have to do is choose a dish that best commemorates your unique island experience. Whether you have your heart set on the tantalising texture of Tempura Shrimps or your eyes fixed on the Risotto with Cuttlefish Ink, each dish at Bony Fish promises to be a sensory masterpiece.

For a vegetarian main, opt for the deliciously rich risotto with grilled Manouri cheese or any of the crispy fresh salads. Especially sweet and refreshing is the Salad Leaves with Peach and Hazelnut, featuring the locally-sourced fruit drizzled with balsamic vinegar and a honey-tahini paste. Particularly indulgent and perfect for celebrating a special occasion are the steamed mussels in dashi stock, sautéed with aged brandy, crispy spring onion and sweet red chilli peppers; the velvety linguini cooked with champagne and salmon; and the impeccably prepared fresh lobster.

No matter which of the menu’s savoury main events you choose, be sure to leave room for the ultimate culinary finalé of sweet and satiating desserts. Treat yourself to a homemade almond tart, made with locally-sourced nuts and served with a heavenly light chocolate cream and sour cherries. If you’re in the mood for a more traditional Greek dessert, try the “Trigona,” which sees folded triangles of golden phyllo pastry filled with a creamy pistachio ice cream. Or, if you fancy an inimitable classic, order the crème brûlée made with vanilla and a crispy caramelised crust.

Whether you are joining us for an elegantly stylish lunch or a fabulously formal dinner, we guarantee you an unforgettable fine-dining experience that will render your time at Abaton Island Resort & Spa simply unsurpassable.

Operating hours: 12:30 – 17:00 & 19:00 – 23:00
Dress code: Casual Elegant (Lunch) – Formal (Dinner)

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